Attention: Coaches, Trainers, and Knowledge Experts, Spend 3 Days With Dan Lok and a Host Of Star Speakers and Celebrities At…

The Invitation Only

September 18th - 20th, 2024 in Vancouver, Canada

The Exclusive and Elite Business Conference Where 7, 8, and 9 Figure Entrepreneurs, Industry Leaders, and High-Net-Worth Investors Connect, and Multiply Their Unparalleled Success and Positive Impact

They say your network is your networth. This is why it’s not WHO you know, but WHO knows you that’s important.

With that in mind, we cordially invite you to apply to attend the 2024 Dragon Summit™ to be held at the prestigious Vancouver Club, in downtown Vancouver, on September 18th – 20th.

After wrapping up a sold-out and wildly successful 2023 Dragon Summit™, we knew the 2024 Dragon Summit™ should exceed everyone’s expectations.

This is why we’ve more than doubled the number of seats available, as well as the number of speakers, and extended the event by one day.

Now, before you discover more about the Dragon Summit™, let us share with you who this is and isn’t for.

The Dragon Summit™ is NOT Just Another Business Conference

It’s the most prestigious event for Experts, Coaches, and Consultants. It’s NOT for beginner business owners. It’s for serious and established entrepreneurs ONLY and carries a big investment.

For the right person, this investment will add hundreds of thousands or even millions to your bottom line in the years to come. On top of that, you’ll get to rub shoulders with 7, 8, and 9 figure business owners and the Dragons of our community.

But, if you’re a highly ambitious and driven beginner and you want to surround yourself with elite business geniuses for 3 whole days… and discover business secrets and strategies responsible for generating hundreds of billions of dollars, then please keep reading.

This is a very important and potentially life-changing decision, which has every chance to short-cut and catapult your success.

In just a moment, you’ll discover exactly what the Dragon Summit™ is, how this experience will benefit you and your business/life, and why we’ve chosen the theme of Dragon.

Why Is Becoming a “Dragon” Relevant To You?

This time around, the “Dragon” theme carries a double meaning. Firstly, Dragon 100™ is Dan Lok’s elite business advisory board, comprised of thought leaders, experts, and visionaries looking to rapidly scale their businesses. It’s the only advisory board in the world designed to accelerate your wealth and freedom, by transforming your business into a highly scalable and sustainable enterprise.

Our Members are Known as Dragons

They’re high-level Coaches, Consultants, Knowledge Experts, and Service Professionals, and far from your average business owner.

They’re visionaries, competent business strategists, intelligent investors, and fierce leaders.

They dominate and/or shape industries, and are category Kings or Queens, and it’s no surprise that not everyone is cut out to be a Dragon, as they simply don’t possess the drive and commitment required.

With that said, Dan and every Dragon 100™ member want you to join them for the Dragon Summit™ in Vancouver, in September 2024.


Because, they know professional success isn’t only determined by WHAT you know, or WHO you know… it’s also determined by WHO knows you.

Even though the Dragon Summit is an internal event for our Dragons, when you join us at the Dragon Summit™, you’ll get access to a “who’s who” of extraordinary achievers in the high-ticket business, investment, and venture capital world.

Secondly, of the 10 speakers, we’ve invited not one, but two entrepreneurs from the Dragon’s Den to address you and others in attendance.

FAIR WARNING: The Dragon Summit™ is STRICTLY LIMITED to 150 attendees ONLY, and given the Dragon 100™ members are likely to occupy more than half of those seats, there may be at most 60 seats available.


What Makes Dragon Summit™ So Unique?

As you can probably tell, The Dragon Summit™ is no ordinary event. As mentioned earlier, the event takes place at the elegant and sophisticated Vancouver Club. Established in 1889, the Club is housed in a designated “A” Class heritage building.

Over 3 powerful and impactful days, you’ll surround yourself with extraordinary, comfortable, and distinguished settings. You’ll experience the first and only business conference of its kind, exclusively for Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, and Knowledge Experts, at the 3 stages of business.


At this stage, your biggest problem is a lack of leads and backend sales to help you reach 7 figures. Your biggest challenge is staying profitable. Your biggest opportunity is reaching a critical mass of clients, and your main focus is ‘selling’.


At this stage, your biggest problem is a lack of systems of processes. Your biggest challenge is creating additional profitable irresistible offers. Your biggest opportunity is increasing cash flow and profitability, and your main focus is ‘scaling’.


At this stage, your biggest problems are lack of transparency and sustainability. Your biggest challenge is streamlining your operations. Your biggest opportunity is establishing protocols, processes, and procedures, and your main focus is ‘systematization’.

At the Dragon Summit™, you’ll gain access to ultra-high-level entrepreneurs and business geniuses, who’ll train and help you go beyond selling your time and build a sustainable business so you can scale and grow to the next stage.

These are real business people who see businesses NOT just as money makers, but as a way to add true value and build their business to heights most only dream of.

When you attend, you’ll also connect with and leverage the knowledge and expertise of the note-worthy, prominent, and high-status individuals in attendance.

IT’S NO SECRET: One of the most important elements of success is finding and connecting with like-minded and high-level individuals, or highly successful industry leaders who are where you aspire to be.

You’ll make connections with business owners passionate about helping you elevate to new heights, and who also have the potential to add hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions to your bottom line.

You could meet your next JV partner or a high-caliber investor who has the ideal multi-million dollar opportunity for you.

You’ll leave the Dragon Summit™ with high-level strategies from industry leaders, investors, wealth creators, and business owners at the top of their game, that will expand your mind to infinite possibilities.

BOTTOM LINE: You’ll make high-value connections you almost certainly wouldn’t make on your own… and you’ll walk away COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED and EXPANDED, armed with ground-breaking business strategies, and a new set of high-level associates.

In addition to the extraordinary attendees, you’ll also gain exclusive access to mind-blowing presentations by 9 and 10-figure entrepreneurs, who just so happen to be some of Dan’s closest friends.

Meet Your Host

Dan Lok

Your host, Dan Lok is a globally respected entrepreneur mentor, and one of the world’s most watched, followed, and quoted social media influencers with over tens of million followers across his brands.

Dan has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Money, Business Insider, Tedx, and on major television networks.

He is the managing partner of DragonX Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in seed and early-stage companies outside of Silicon Valley.

Dan is one of the most recognized entrepreneur mentors in the world, having built a $100+ million coaching + consulting enterprise.

Today, Dan chairs Dragon 100™, the premier advisory group for entrepreneurs generating 7 and 8-figure revenues.


Dragon’s Den Star

Michele Romanow

Named as one of Forbes’s Top 20 most Disruptive “Millenials on a Mission” in 2013, Michele, has achieved a lot for someone so young.

She’s a tech entrepreneur, television personality, board director, and venture capitalist. Her co-founded company Clearbanc, provides revenue-sharing solutions to fund new online businesses, and other e-businesses. She made the list of the top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada in 2015.

In 2018, she was named Canadian Innovation Awards Angel Investor of the year and joined the cast of Dragon’s Den in Season 10.

With Other Special Guests

Alex Mandossian

Although you may have never met Alex, international best-selling author, Harvey Mackay describes him as the “Warren Buffett of Marketing Online”.

Master Coach Alex is also Chief of Marketing, and since 1993 his unique marketing strategies have generated almost $417 million in sales and profits for his companies, students, clients, and alliance partners.

He’s a true marketing genius and a master of high ticket coaching and sales, who has shared the stage with thought leaders such as Richard Branson, Ivan Misner, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Suze Ormand, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the Dalai Lama, and two U.S. Presidents.

Rick Raddatz & Moe Aduan

Rick is a true internet pioneer and legendary SAAS innovator, getting his start at Microsoft in the 1980’s and 1990’s as a developer, designer and marketer. In 2003, he launched audio and video hosting on the web as a service a full two years before YouTube.

In 2006 Rick pioneered the idea of landing page hosting, well ahead of Lead Pages and Click Funnels. In 2007 he created one of the first webinar services by combining phone conferencing with web-based slide sharing.

Today, Rick is the co-founder of MEETN, a video meeting service that aspires to be a better Zoom than Zoom, a better Streamyard than Streamyard, and a better webinar tool than any webinar tool.

Previous Speakers Include

Ivan Nikkhoo

With an extensive background in venture capital, private equity, and sales & marketing, Ivan also brings with him over 36 years of experience in software and Saas, eCommerce, marketplaces, and platforms.

He’s a regular host of a series of Tech CEO dinners in several cities around the world, which bring together CEOs, financial sponsors, PEGs, and industry executives to discuss the latest business trends and developments.

Nikkhoo is the advisor to numerous Saas companies, the president of Vertex Systems, a Professor at the USC Marshall School of Business, serves on numerous corporate, business, & charity boards, the founder & managing partner of N3 Capital, and he’s highly experienced in raising growth capital & tech exits.

Michele Romanow

Named as one of Forbes’s Top 20 most Disruptive “Millenials on a Mission” in 2013, Michele, has achieved a lot for someone so young.

She’s a tech entrepreneur, television personality, board director, and venture capitalist. Her co-founded company Clearbanc, provides revenue-sharing solutions to fund new online businesses, and other e-businesses. She made the list of the top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada in 2015.

In 2018, she was named Canadian Innovation Awards Angel Investor of the year and joined the cast of Dragon’s Den in Season 10.

Brian Scudamore

Brian is the CEO and founder of O2E Brands, which is the parent company of the $500 million company 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, and Shack Shine.

Receiving wide recognition in the media and the business community, Brian has been featured on Undercover Boss Canada, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, CNN, ABC Nightline, the Today Show, The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos, and the View.

In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Brian is also a public speaker and a regular contributor to Forbes and PROFIT magazines, where he shares his vast knowledge of small business ownership, franchising, and building corporate culture.

Harmel S. Rayat

Whether you’re interested in amassing industrial, residential, or commercial real estate properties, Harmel S. Rayat can show you how he started out in 2006 with no prior experience and no legacy assets and assembled a real estate portfolio that has consistently generated above average returns for almost 2 decades.

He is the president and CEO of the privately held commercial real estate and investment firm Talia Jevan Properties, which is a tenant-centric, service-focused real estate management company built on integrity, trust, and transparency.

Jayson Waller

Jayson Waller has built and scaled three businesses from scratch into multimillion dollar enterprises, with his most recent entity, Pink Energy, earning a billion-dollar valuation in 2021. His two decades of experience and knowledge of sales and marketing, raising venture capital, contract negotiations, data analysis and more helped him grow Pink Energy from a business that did $3 million in revenue with 15 employees in its first year in 2015 to nearly $600 million with more than 2,100 employees in 2021.

The most prominent honor was Waller’s company earning Inc. 5000 recognition as one of America’s fastest-growing companies five times in the last six years. Personally, Waller was named a member of the 2021 Detroit 500, a list of the most powerful executives in southeastern Michigan, and also was named Corp Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year in the same year. He’s been honored as Entrepreneur of the Year by the American Business Awards (Stevies), Globees 4 times.

Stanton Williams

CEOs are fearful that their company’s future could be constrained by the inability to identify the right talent to fuel growth. With the onset of the pandemic and The Great Resignation, hiring, retaining talent & reducing employee turnover are crucial to survival & growth.

Driving growth is more than measuring profit & expense. It’s about people. If people don’t give 100%, your business won’t perform at 100%.

Stanton Williams is a Senior Executive Advisor, who helps CEO’s transform & scale their businesses using applied analytics to drive revenue, profit, & maximize their organizations using your most precious asset – people.

Stanton from a young age always had a knack for sales and leadership. He’s been the CEO, President, and VP of Sales throughout his career. As a leader, he’s led and managed over 500+ people in the technology and service industries. Today, he works with over 100 CEO’s globally using his 30+ years of proven executive know-how to coach, lead and challenge these CEOs to optimal performance.

Christopher Kai

Inc. has said he is “The Billionaire Networker,” he wrote a #1 international bestselling book called “Big Game Hunting: Networking with Billionaires, Executives and Celebrities” and he convinced billionaire Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, for an exclusive sit-down interview where Elon exclaimed, “Wow! You really know a lot.”

Christopher Kai is a Fortune 100 global speaker and has shared the stage with President Clinton, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and 1,000s of other global leaders. He is also the founder of GPS, a private global membership and online speaker training program where Forbes has said, “helps entrepreneurs become professional speakers.”

Their speaker community is in 120 cities, 30 countries, and 6 continents. He has helped his corporate and online clients generate $200M+ in revenue. His 7th and newest book is called the “Wizard of Words: The 7 Magical Words for Your Success.”

Sharran Srivatsaa

Back for his second Dragon Summit™ appearance, Sharran is widely known as the “King of Scaling Businesses”. He is a former Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse banker turned real estate mogul, who grew Teles Properties by 10x in 5 years to $3.5 Billion in sales.

He’s a sought-after keynote speaker, angel investor, and mentor to CEOs in his ultra-exclusive ‘Legends Program’, as well as a 4x Inc. 500 Entrepreneur with 5 exits in the last 19 years.

He’s the host of the top-rated podcast ‘Business School’, and the creator of the 5 am club for entrepreneurs, which continues to grow in popularity. He contributes to publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Forbes, and SUCCESS magazine.

Sharran is a Principal at Srilo Ventures, a multi-factor private investment fund focusing on investing in and advising tech companies operating businesses in the consumer space, and that’s barely scratching the surface of his ventures and achievements.

You’ve Seen the High Caliber of Guests Who Spoke at the 2023 Dragon Summit™…

For 2024, we guarantee you a better event with EVEN MORE value as well as the phenomenal special guests you’ve just met.

How Do You Know If The Dragon Summit™ Is For You?

Even though the investment is a high enough barrier in and of itself, seating is strictly limited to only 60 outside of the Dragon 100™ community. This is why attending the Dragon Summit™ is a rare and exclusive opportunity.

REALITY CHECK: The PRIVATE INVITATION you’re reading now is NOT for the majority of people who apply. The truth is, most who apply will not be accepted, as we expect hundreds of applications for the 60 or so seats we’ll have left after our Dragon 100™ members secure their spots.

We instill such high standards to protect the integrity and culture of our global movement and community.

With that said, the Dragon Summit™ will be ideal for you if you’re:

So, if you believe the Dragon Summit™ sounds like the experience you’re searching for…

Where you can surround yourself with high-status, and high-level individuals who push you to elevate your knowledge, business, and impact, then we urge you to secure your spot below.

Date & Location

September 18th - 20th, 2024, Vancouver Club,
Vancouver, Canada

If you wish to get the most out of this event, please ensure you arrive on the morning of the 17th and leave on the morning or afternoon of the 21st.

HERE’S WHY: You don’t want to leave an event as big and important as this to chance. The chance to hear all these speakers at one event is an opportunity of a lifetime, and you won’t want to miss a second.

On top of that, you may like to take an extended holiday on either side of those 3 days and experience the beauty of Vancouver in September.

If you’re a Dragon 100™ member, your ticket is included in your annual dues, you simply need to RSVP to us internally.

If You’re Not a Dragon 100™ Member, This Is The Investment For Admission

Non-Dragon Member Price: $10,000

Early Bird Non-Dragon Member: $5,000

(Save $5,000)

As we expect this event to sell out FAST, if you’re serious about attending the Dragon Summit™, we urge you to secure your spot as soon as possible to save $5000. We only have a set number of early bird tickets, and could remove this opportunity at any time.

Add a Partner: $5,000

Ready to Become a Dragon and Join us
LIVE in Vancouver?



The Dragon Summit™ is a live and in-person event. Any recordings made of the event will NOT be released either publicly or privately. We believe proximity isn’t just power, it’s profit as well. Being in a room with this many high level individuals is what makes the Dragon Summit™ both valuable and unforgettable. So you must be available to attend in Vancouver from September 18th to 20th, or even longer if you wish to holiday in Vancouver.

If you’re serious about attending the Dragon Summit™, then we urge you to apply today, and if you’re accepted, secure your seat, then email our team at [email protected] who’ll help you organize your Canadian VISA.

After you’ve submitted your application and if you’re qualified and approved, you’ll have a chance to settle your investment immediately.


Once you’ve committed to the Dragon Summit™, it’s important you complete the investment process in order to confirm your seat. Seating is strictly limited and available on a first-come-first-serve basis.


So, block out your schedule for September 18th to 21st, and if you’re accepted, then take care of the investment straight away if you’re serious about attending.

As a Dragon 100™ member, you’ll incur no extra outlay to attend the Dragon Summit™. All you’ll need to do is RSVP in Slack with your intention to attend by no later than August 19th, 2024.

If there are no restrictions on travel, and you can travel freely, then wouldn’t it be a great experience having your first international trip to be attending such an esteemed event as the Dragon Summit™?

There is no deadline, but the 7 tickets will sell fast. So, ensure you put in your investment now as we cannot guarantee you a spot until your investment is confirmed.

The event will take place at the prestigious Vancouver Club from September 19th to 21st. We strongly suggest you book a room at a hotel within walking distance of the Vancouver Club.

We advise that you don’t commit to the Dragon Summit™ unless you’re absolutely certain you can attend. In the event you cannot make it, please email [email protected] to request a refund.

The Vancouver Club carries a strict dress code of business suits, sports jackets, or sweaters/cardigans coordinated with pants, skirts, or dresses. Only collared shirts are permitted. Dark jeans and a suit jacket or sports jacket will also be accepted. Please also ensure your footwear is paired accordingly.


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